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Natures answer to botox and utterly relaxing! This antioxidant, and omega 3 rich treatment is loaded with vitamins A and C to reduce and prevent the signs of ageing. Following a relaxing hand and foot massage, your treatment is enhanced with cold stone eye therapy to treat dark circles and fine lines. The premium probiotic range used in this indulgent facial uses the worlds most advanced probiotic anti-ageing products.

1 hour 15 minutes $195 - ideal for lifting, tightening and evening out skin ton



Bring back that healthy glow! Hyaluronic acid is essential in this treatment to restore critical moisture and to prepare the skin for rapid penetration of key ingredients such as manketti seed oil, olive leaf extract, omega fatty acids and vitamin e.  This facial will hydrate, regenerate and restructure your skin, leaving you feeling nourished and silky smooth. Ideal for a change of season boost!

1 hour $135 Ideal for all skin types.



 A soothing, relaxing and calming treatment using gentle organic ingredients. Sutherlandia helps to modulate the skins immune response, whilst live probiotics create long lasting structural improvement and normalise reactive skins. Redness be gone!

1 hour $135 Ideal sensitive and rosacea skin types



This facial uses probiotics to normalise the skin's flora, providing a deep clean whilst retaining hydration, leaving the skin feeling matt yet balanced. Cape geranium is included for its antibacterial and anti- comedogenic action. Ideal for skins prone to breakouts.

1 hour $135 Ideal for oily / acne skin



Not sure which facial is right for you? Leave it to our expert skin consultants to completely customise a facial that is right for your skin. Our product range uses only the highest quality organic ingredients for maximum results.  

1 hour $135

Brows and Lashes

LASH TINT- 30 minutes $28

BROW TINT - 15 minutes $25

BROW SHAPE - 15 minutes $25

OPULENT EYES - Brow shape and brow tint, lash tint & eye treatment with our cold stone therapy.

Achieve sculpted brows and enhanced lashes. Our cold stone therapy massage, will sooth the eye area whilst extracts of Bellis and Albizua reduces dark circles and firm the skin in this delicate area.  45 minutes $75



Whether you’re looking for deep relaxation or tension release, your therapist will customise the massage techniques to align with your body.

1hour $130  

1 ½ hours $180  



Sooth your soul with a warming foot soak and a cup of herbal tea, as you open your mind to the healing benefits of Lemon Canary chakra oils. Choose from 7 blends of organic essential oils, designed with their own mantra to be incorporated into your full body massage.

1 hour 10 minutes $150



Heated basalt stones of various shapes and sizes are placed strategically on tired aching muscles and on the body's energy points. As an extension of your Therapists hands, the hot stones are massaged all over your body, targeting areas of tension. Heat released from the stones delivers effects felt deep in the muscles and tissues. 

1 ½ hours $195



Experience a feeling of vitality and well being with a full body exfoliation infused with lavender and chamomile, followed by a fennel and grapefruit body wrap to stimulate lymphatic drainage and eliminate toxins. Next, you will be massaged from head to toe, sending you into a state of bliss. A light hydration will complete this beautiful treatment.

Improves skin firmness and softness.

1 hour 45 minutes $180

Add on: VICHY SPA - 15 mins $45



Stimulating coffee beans and frankincense exfoliate the body  before being cocooned in a coffee, guyana and vanilla mask to initiate lipolysis and lymphatic drainage.  Complete this treatment with a stimulating massage and hydration application.

Ideal as a course treatment of 4 treatments. 

1 Hour 45 minutes $180

Add-on: VICHY SPA - 15 mins $45



We’ve got your back! Stimulate circulation and encourage elimination of toxins and impurities with a back exfoliation, detox mask and soothing back massage; as you relax in the warmth of our vichy spa. The revitalising shower helps to circulate beneficial organic ingredients throughout your body for a long lasting sense of wellbeing.

1 hour $150


EXPRESS MANICURE OR PEDICURE - File + buff + cuticles + Kester Black polish

30 mins $45

DELUXE MANICURE - Everything in the express manicure + hand and arm exfoliation + massage

45 mins $85

DELUXE PEDICURE - Everything in the express pedicure + foot soak + exfoliation + skin buff + hot stone foot massage

1 hour $115


BACK MASSAGE - 30 mins $50. (Can be added onto a facial, manicure or pedicure)

VICHY SPA - 15 mins $45 (Can be added onto a massage or body treatment)

HOT STONE THERAPY - $25 Add to one area within the full body massage 

HAIR TREATMENT- 20 minutes $50 A blend of warm healing rosemary oil, natural proteins and vitamins are massage into the scalp and through the hair to provide protection and nourishment 

FEELING PECKISH? Your choice of an Organic Beer or Champagne with a handmade chocolate brownie from I Heart Brownies $18

Group refreshments can be catered for upon request