Esse Skin Care

Optimal skin condition depends on the probiotic microbes living on and in it. Without microbes, your skin can’t perform its basic functions and the rate of skin ageing increases sharply.

Esse creates an environment on the skin that favours the growth of beneficial microbes. It uses prebiotics to selectively feed good microbes and includes LIVE probiotic microbes in two of the serums to make functional changes to the skin’s microbiome.

Esse does not believe in damaging skin in pursuit of short-term results, it optimises skin health to slow ageing in the long-term. As the Esse Probiotic Serum touches your face, 50 million live probiotics per drop are activated by the moisture on your skin, complementing your natural microbial diversity and helping to create the ideal micro biome to slow the ageing process.

Since their inception, they have remained true to their core principles: Esse is certified organic, vegan and cruelty free. They support fair trade and are a carbon neutral company.


S U M M E R  S A L T  B O D Y   

Founded in Melbourne in 2014, we believe that beauty rests within nature, so all of our products are created using natural and organic ingredients. The range is handcrafted and inspired by the ocean. 

We are vegans and self-confessed animal lovers, which is why our entire range is vegan friendly and cruelty free. Rich in plant based ingredients which all serve a purpose in nourishing your skin. 


Kester Black

designs and produces ethical, sustainable cosmetics and skincare. Our products are the first in the world to obtain a vast suite of accreditations such as Choose Cruelty Free, International Cruelty Free, Vegan Society, Australian Made and B Corporation.

We aim to redefine the industry standard for ethical cosmetics by making beautiful, quality products that have a positive social and environmental impact.

Kester Black has a formal commitment to donate 2% of revenue including in-kind donations to registered charities every year.