Mother and baby Spa Day



Exclusive at Petrichor Day Spa, Tuesday's are dedicated to Mother's and their babies between 10 am and 4pm.  This is a time for Mothers to bring their babies along to the spa whilst Mum enjoys a relaxing treatment. This time allow's Mothers to keep looking great and do the usual things they love.  The more relaxed you are as a mum the more relaxed is your baby. Being a mum is demanding, so give yourself time. We will assist in booking your appointment around babies sleep time and supply a feed room if needed. Your treatment room is large and spacious for a pram or capsule and all of your baby belongings. Our understanding Therapists are here to make you as comfortable as possible, providing a safe and caring environment for you and your little one. 
Guests of Petrichor Day Spa without children are still welcome on Tuesdays, as we arrange appointment times to suit everybody. 



MINI FACIAL- 30mins $85 An organic, probiotic custom facial to relax and refresh the skin

BACK MASSAGE - 30 mins $50. (includes back, neck, shoulders and scalp)

HOT STONE THERAPY - $25 Add to your back massage

HAIR TREATMENT- 20 minutes $50 A blend of warm healing rosemary oil, natural proteins and vitamins are massage into the scalp and through the hair to provide protection and nourishment

EXPRESS MANICURE OR PEDICURE - File + buff + cuticles + polish 30 mins $45

DELUXE MANICURE - Everything in the express manicure + hand and arm exfoliation + massage 45 mins $85

DELUXE PEDICURE - Everything in the express pedicure + foot soak + exfoliation + skin buff + hot stone foot massage 1 hour $115

LASH TINT- 15 minutes $28

BROW TINT - 15 minutes $25

BROW SHAPE - 15 minutes $25

OPULENT EYES - Brow shape and brow tint, lash tint & eye treatment with our cold stone therapy. 45 minutes $75

Achieve sculpted brows and enhanced lashes. Our cold stone therapy massage, will sooth the eye area whilst extracts of Bellis and Albizua reduces dark circles and firm the skin in this delicate area.