What to Expect When You Visit a Day Spa.

 (To be read with a pinch of salt. As told by the ever so cheeky, Suzy Moore)

It’s surprising to hear, just how many people have not visited a day spa in their

lifetime. Seriously! Those people exist! The benefits of human touch are magical

and everyone should experience a spa treatment, whether it is a facial, hot stone

massage or body wrap in a blissful and professional environment, without

feeling a single ounce of discomfort or awkwardness.


Don’t be afraid to just walk into our spa. All are welcome and we encourage spa

tours at any time *nosey parkers please form an orderly queue*

If you prefer to call or email, that’s fine too.


Day Spas come in all shapes and sizes. The facilities and treatment menu will

blow your mind if you’re a first timer. Not to mention all of the other bits and

bobs that go with it, so have a good read of the spa website, then ask as many

questions as you like and don’t feel silly. We would much rather you arrive well

informed than wondering what to expect.


From the moment you enter, you will be greeted with utterly relaxing music,

divine smells and a softly spoken therapist or receptionist who will just want to

care for you. We like to enlighten all of your senses and we want you to feel at



There will always be a very quick consultation form to fill in on your first visit

and there’s no getting out of this one. It’s imperative that we get to know you.

Tell us what is concerning you about your skin, how firm you like your massage

and if you’d like to look 10 years younger or 20. Hey! We’ll try our best!

Then there’s the more serious stuff like informing us of allergies or pregnancy.

The information provided is of course completely confidential and we try to

make this part a little more enjoyable by offering you a nice cup of organic herbal

tea with our compliments.


Once the formalities are out of the way, your personal therapist for the day will

take you to your private room and explain your treatment and how to prepare.

Yes, you will have to get undressed (for most treatments anyway) but please

leave on your briefs and you will be covered with towels and blankets at all



We will not expose your breasts but we may undrape the sides and top of your

glutes during a massage. It’s ok! We’ve seen it ALL before. And by all, let me give

you an example…

In a previous position, I once spray tanned a lovely 80 year old lady, naked as a

jaybird (her, not me) as she preferred not to wear the disposable underwear

because she didn’t want a tan line. And you know what… that’s normal and

totally ok!


As spa therapists, we are home! We practice a multitude of treatments day

in/day out and we love making you feel good, it’s what we were put on this earth

to do. But forgive us if we use too much spa jargon or assume that you know

what we are talking about when we say “This treatment includes a vichy” or

“here’s your disposable underwear” and you’re wondering “what on earth is a

vichy?” and “what do I do with this underwear she’s given to me?”

No, it’s not a hair net, it does not belong on your head! (Yes, this has happened

and my client and I had a good old giggle)


Next, your treatment will begin. Aaaannnnd relax! Turn your brain off; don’t

think about what your therapist is doing. Just go with the flow. Have a sleep if

you like. It’s always a compliment to us therapists when someone starts to snore

during their treatment and don’t be embarrassed by tummy grumbles or facial

twitches. Everyone does it!


The best advice I can give is to be a rag doll when you are lying on the treatment

bed. Just be floppy and we will guide your body as and when we need.

All Petrichor’s therapists undergo intensive training in anatomy and physiology,

practical procedures and product knowledge, so you are in good hands. It’s not

all painting nails and making your eyebrows look like Kim Kardashian’s.

Although we are pretty good at that too.


Post treatment, you will be left alone to come back to reality and get dressed.

Your Therapist will greet you with a finishing refreshment and sometimes a

product recommendation card before you head off home.


We regularly receive feedback that some spa goers don’t like the “hard sell” they

feel they receive at some spas and this actually puts them off going at all.

At Petrichor Day Spa, we hate this too! As experts, we naturally like to educate

and prescribe products based on your consultation and treatment, but we do this

only where it is wanted. What is important to us is that you leave our spa feeling



I believe there are a number of small touches that set apart the best spa

experiences from the not so fabulous. Below is a list I have compiled, all of which

you will be able to experience with us;

In no particular order

- The staff.

Service with a smile and genuine care and passion for what we do.

At the end of the day, you could be having a treatment in a shed (but

please don’t because of the spiders), but if you connect with your

therapist and she/he is genuine, warm, comforting and professional then

nothing else really matters and you will enjoy your treatment regardless.

- Hot towels, hot towels, hot towels.

Oh my goodness! How good does a hot towel feel! We use hot towels in all

of our treatments. Whether it be draped across the back or wrapped

around the feet and many times throughout a facial. This simple touch of

heat always takes the relaxation to another level.

- Comfort.

Your therapist should check your comfort throughout the treatment. Your

legs should be raised slightly with a pillow under the knees to help

support your back when lying down for a long period of time and you

should be asked if you are warm enough. These are just a couple of little

things, but don’t be afraid to speak out if there is anything we can do to

make you more comfortable.

- Cleanliness

We take great pride in the presentation and cleanliness of Petrichor Day

Spa. Just like when you stay in a hotel, you want to know that everything

you touch is clean and sterile.

- Customisation.

A good spa will always be able to customise a treatment to each and every

individual. If you let us know your requirements upon booking, we are

more than happy to create a package for you and tailor a treatment to be

exactly what you want it to be. Our treatment menu has been designed

with the utmost attention to detail and to ensure that everything flows

nicely, but a few tweaks here and there are not a problem.

My only request is that you don’t ask for a 2 hour back massage because

no one has enough moves for that. Not even Mick Jagger; and i’m lead to

believe he has some rather good moves.

This may sound like a lot to take in, but rest assured, you will be guided

effortlessly, every step of the way.

Now hop to it and make the plunge! Get your first appointment booked!

If you don’t want to go it alone, then gather your girlfriends or bring your

partner along. Who could say no to that?



These are my personal opinions from the past 15 years of working in Day spas and

beauty salons and I cannot promise that all establishments hold the same

standards. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my very direct take on what to expect

when you visit a day spa and had a little giggle along the way.

Suzy x

Book in with Suzy one of our Beauty Consultants to improve your skin health or for relaxation. 

Jacqueline McClymont