Adult Acne……Oh what have you done to me!

This month Anita one of our Senior Beauty Consultants talks about skin care and her own personal battle with acne.

Clear, radiant, blemish free skin, paints a nice picture doesn’t it? Well for the most part, that was what I had up until about a year ago when the abrupt onslaught of adult acne hit me like a hammer over the head.

As someone who has worked in the beauty industry for the better half of ten years I have always taken great care of my skin. I have had access to the finest quality products, been in the know-how of the best treatments and practiced what I preach on a daily basis. But if the saying ‘the eyes are a window into your soul’ rings true than the skin is definitely the window into your inner health.

My problems all began when I was taken off the contraceptive pill by my doctor for health reasons. Believe me ladies it is amazing what this little pill can do for your skin or even more so what can happen when it no longer has it! 

If your interested in the nitty gritty of it, the extra oestrogen in the pill controls androgens, the hormone that stimulates extra oil production. No longer having this extra oestrogen causes oil flow to escalate which feeds bacteria. This irritation brings about excess white blood cells (pus) causing further blocking of the pores. Basically a never ending acne breeding cycle. 

To say I was devastated with my skin is an understatement. Feeling like a fraud, I was telling clients about what they needed be doing to improve their skin health while mine was staring straight back at them riddled with imperfections. 

While my body went to work regulating its natural hormone cycle I tried everything I could to treat the inflammation of my skin. Word to the wise, when dealing with acne, everything you do should be aimed at reducing inflammation and promoting healing. In terms of topical treatment, products that don't have any artificial fragrances, harsh alcohols or silicones are best as these can irritate and clog pores, even exfoliation of highly inflamed acne should be avoided.

Queue the introduction of Esse probiotic skin care. Thinking about it logically and going back to the explanation of the bacteria breeding ground that was happening on my skin (gross I know!) the use of a skin care range that contained high amounts of good bacteria is the perfect answer. The Esse range offers products that contain more than 1 billion live Probiotics per millilitre. After using these products in combination with a very mild oral antibiotic for a little under two months now, I have seen amazing results. Though I may not be back to my clear, blemish free skin yet, I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Tune in next month to see my before and after photos. 


Jacqueline McClymont